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A dense and modern network of transport facilities
Excellent reception facilities for investors
A territory for innovation and research
An international dynamic

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Today's aeronautics sector represents a real opportunity for companies wishing to diversify and operate on new high valueadded markets. In Champagne-Ardenne many companies, with renowned technological expertise in the aeronautics industry, have seized this opportunity.

As part of a global industry, where excellence and safety are paramount, these companies constantly innovate to integrate aeronautics programmes into the supply chain and to address the issues of the major prime contractors and the concerns of airlines with regard to cost-cutting and environmental regulations.

They are therefore able to bid for military and civil contracts, sectors where orders are increasing significantly. These markets have been boosted by the arrival of new models of aircraft and the desire by airlines to replace their old aircraft with bigger, quieter aircraft that use less fuel.

Industrial outsourcing is a major economic challenge for Champagne-Ardenne due to the high degree of industrialization. So it is only natural that the Region has staked everything on industry, the backbone of the region's future economy!


Focus on figures

> 300,000 jobs in the aeronautics sector in France

> A 10% increase in 2012 in the French civil aeronautics industry

> The French aeronautics and space industry:
The number 1 French exporter
The largest trade surplus, 18 billion in 2011

> Record deliveries for Airbus and ATR in 2012

> 62,000 new aircraft will be delivered between 2012 and 2031 by the AIRBUS and BOEING pairing